OPNV has 4 consultative bodies:

A General Members’ Meeting, as a rule, the Members’ Meeting convenes twice a year. The meeting is open to members.

The Board, prepares the General Members’ Meeting and monitors the execution of resolutions and implementation of policies.

The Content Taskforce, advises the Board and the General Members‘ Meeting on legalisation, research and quality. OPNV sends members of this Taskforce as representatives to committees and taskforces of the Productschap Diervoeder (Product Board Animal Feed) and GMPplus who supervise research, legislation and quality issues on substantive grounds. In addition, this Taskforce supervises the information website on moisture-rich cattle feed. The Taskforce meets several times a year according to a fixed schedule..

The Policy Taskforce, in this Taskforce, the producers and the distributors prepare and align the position of moisture-rich cattle feed in policy-related matters. This Taskforce is chaired by the association’s Chairman. The Taskforce meets when necessary.

The accounts, of Overleggroep Producenten Natte Veevoeders are done by Thielen Consult BV in Venray, the Netherlands. This firm is the contact for the association and does all the secretarial and administrative work.