The scope of OPNV comprises manufacturers of moisture-rich/wet cattle feed from the agricultural, food and distilling industries. These products are characterised by the fact that they are produced as by-products during the processing of basic products such as grain, potatoes and beets into foodstuffs and ingredients. Food that has been rejected, recalled or of which the best-before date has expired are not covered by the OPNV definition and scope of moisture-rich feedstuffs.

The place in the chain
Moisture-rich cattle feed is bought by distributors from the food, beverages and tobacco industry and the distilling industry and supplied to cattle farmers as a single product or as a standard mixture of several products. Moisture-rich cattle feed is an integral part of the cattle feed industry as presented in more detail in figure 1. This figure shows an overview of the major parties and product flows.

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Figure 1: Major parties and product flows in the cattle feed industry ( /
Guaranteeing quality
Since its foundation, OPNV has been dedicated to achieving quality assurance throughout the entire cattle feed industry and feed and food safety have the highest priority in its policy on quality. Members of OPNV manufacture their moisture-rich feedstuffs in accordance with stringent and certified quality regimes such as GMPplus or a similar regime. The sales to the cattle farmers are only conducted via certified channels so that we can guarantee the quality of the moisture-rich feedstuffs right up to the farm gate.