The Overleggroep Producenten Natte Veevoeders (the Netherlands Consultative Group of Producers of Wet Cattle Feed), abbreviated as OPNV, promotes the application of moisture-rich feedstuffs produced by the agricultural industry, the food industry and the distilling industry. The wet form in which it is produced is typical for these feedstuffs and when they are purchased immediately, drying becomes unnecessary, so that the producers save energy and can reduce their CO2 emissions. These feedstuffs do not affect the consumers, Dutch pigs and cattle, who continue to produce valuable food such as milk and meat from these moisture-rich feedstuffs. Accordingly, the chain of manufacturers of food and ingredients and the livestock industry contribute amply to a cleaner environment and sustainable agriculture!

OPNV is an association of manufacturers of moisture-rich feedstuffs, set up in 1988 and officially founded in accordance with the articles of association in 1995. OPNV stimulates contact between the companies/its members and organisations that can support the industry - in the broadest meaning of the word. The association strives to achieve this goal by meeting and negotiating with stakeholders of government bodies and other partners in the chain. Where necessary, OPNV participates in other entities for legislation and quality.